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the students involved attend annapolis high school. a new law in maryland makes cyberbullying a misdemeanor offense. the new law is named in honor of grace mccomas who after being harassed online killed herself in april of 2012. back to you. >> thank you. the school is not saying how it will discipline the students involved. the punishment could be detention or being expelled. >>> two students hailed heroes. the bus carrying 33 rising sun high school students crashed into some trees. police say two teens took notice that the bus was starting to leave the road. one got on to the floor and pushed the brake pedal with his hands. students used the emergency door to get out and stayed with the driver until arrived. >>> of course we're not going to let you forget that it's halloween. this morning wjz was in middle river where people were putting on their costumes very early, including ron matz with the beards. he's willy from duck dynasty. he was thrilled with his costumes provided for him. >>> the day started off pretty spooky. there was a lot of fog. a live look outside right now will show that
information to understand the law's impact on them and their family. >>> take a live look outside. there's plenty of blue sky around and sunshine. there's a breeze with a bit of a bite to it as well. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. marty bass is in the out back and chelsea ingram is in the weather center. good afternoon, chelsea. >> hello, everyone. certainly a cool start to the d. we'll talk about the low temperatures in just a minute. take a look at what's going on right now. we're sitting in the 40s for most spots from hagerstown east. 43 at the airport. looking at 30s out in western maryland. 32 oakland and 39 degrees in cumberland. 24 hours ago we were looking at temperatures ranging anywhere from 5 to 11 degrees cooler than we were this time yesterday. our low temperature today came in at 32 degrees at the airport. we saw some 20s out there as well. we're going to see more chilly weather tomorrow. let's go out back to marty with those details for us. marty. >> reporter: thank you very mu. hi, everybody. had to break out the scarf. its needed today. tomorrow still
. it was deemed illegal under alabama law. the firm involved is now banned from the industry. lewis, a two time nfl defensive player of the year who retired in february said he lost nearly $4 million. jessica, back to you. >> ron, thank you. according to the lawsuit, in ado lewis, former ravens linebacker gooden allege did lost $515,000 through an unauthorized bank transfer. >>> anne arundel county police investigate a masked man opening fire on two men. just before 8:00 police responded railroad avenue. one man was not one but one man was and died at the hospital. police need for information to find the man responsible. >> also what we're trying to find out is exactly why these men were in this parking. this was a secluded industrial-type area. we believe this is a targeted incident. we don't believe this to be a random act. we believe these parties had some knowledge or knew one another. >> police also believe it was a robbery most likely. anyone with information is urged to call anne arundel county police. >>> one month after the roll out of healthcare.gov the focus remains on the website's
healthcare law that went into effect there. >>> an early morning house fire in northwest baltimore leaves a man dead. the fire broke out just after 5:00 this morning in the 3800 block of hilton road. the victim was found on the second floor. he later died at the hospital. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. >>> two lanes of i-95 are shut down this noon in joppa for a fatal accident there. police are on the scene right now along 95 northbound at mountain road. that's where a pedestrian was struck and pronounced dead at the scene. the cause of that accident is under investigation. >>> maryland state delegate don dwyer is recovering after a car accident in pasadena. according to police another driver caused the crash while turning at a red light. no one was seriously hurt. just last week dwyer was sentenced to 60 days in jail for dui in august and boating under the influence that led to injuring seven. >>> another correctional officer admitted to helping a prison gang smuggle drugs. ron matz is in the news room with the latest on this. >> reporter: good afternoon. this is th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4